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I have built two homes consecutively with Yorway and can attest to what a truly custom and high quality builder they are. Not only will they accommodate every goal you have in mind for your dream project, but also bring thoughtful, creative, and insightful design ideas into the development and construction processes. They take the time to understand what is important to you, work closely with you to develop the best solution, and bring in high quality materials and subcontractors to make sure your investment will give you many many years of satisfaction. Just take a look at the photo gallery and you will see how each room and house design is unique, and high quality workmanship, materials, and finishes are the convention.

by Heather Saros on YorWay Custom Home Builders

Brett and Colette finished our basement and remodeled our mud room for us in 2016. This has been a project that I'd looked forward to completing and dreaded going through for several years. Brett helped us design everything and provided several creative and very attractive features to solve some of our unique spaces. He has the experience and an eye for design and construction, and gave us very good advice throughout the entire project. Our basement looks nothing like your typical underground space, it is filled with light and so very open. We absolutely love it and can't wait for our large family to enjoy the space for many years to come.I have to add that the overall quality of our basement is ideal. It has helped to significantly increase the value of our home. The cost was also very competitive as we did receive competing bids that came in higher w/ lower quality materials and finishes.Throughout the project, I knew that I could reach out to either Colette or Brett with any questions or concerns and that they would respond quickly.

by Sandy & Geoff Bartenhagen on YorWay Custom Home Builders

For starters we had an incredible experience working with Yorway Custom Home Builders when we built our home in 2004.It was a fun experience working with Brett and Colette. Brett showed us some model homes and then we were able to custom design our home exactly how we wanted it. Brett was so helpful because he had several interesting and unique ideas; things that we would never have thought of such as a light switch for the back yard next to our bed in case we had some safety issues during the night. And the other light switch in our closet for the Outside Christmas Lights so we didn’t have to control those from outside. These may be little things, but Brett made us aware of those options and many others that we have found very useful in our home.I was so excited to build our first new home that I was on the site almost every day, just to check things out and bug all the workers. All the contractors were very helpful, patient and open to me being on the site during construction. Brett hired extremely qualified contractors, which resulted in high quality work.Every part of our home is built with top notch materials as well. And I can tend to be a little frugal at times, but with Brett’s suggestions we did go with high quality materials and things such as the light fixtures, windows and cabinets and so on. Our home is a solid home and I can say in all honesty that we have not had any issues in the almost twelve years that we have called it home. It is our retirement home and we couldn't be happier with the final result.Can’t forget working with Colette; which was a pleasure in every way. Both Brett and Colette were there for us for anything we needed, including all my silly questions and multiple changes as the home was under construction.Lastly, I have known Brett and Colette Tupy for several years and not only do I recommend them as partners in building your dream home, but endorse them as trustworthy people with strong integrity and morals!You can’t go wrong when working with Yorway Custom Home Builders.

Working with Yorway Custom Home Builders afforded my husband and me the opportunity to build the EXACT house of our dreams. We didn’t have to select one floor plan from a predetermined list, or one cabinet layout using ‘basic/standard/premium’ criteria. We were able to design the home based completely on our needs, from the square footage we wanted to angle of the entryway wall. Additionally, through every decision we made, we had a knowledgeable, insightful and proactive builder on our side. He was an industry expert for everything we needed, knew the requirements for the city in which we were building, and shared best-practices we never would have thought of, even when they went against his interests! Moreover, he was kind, flexible, and easy to work with.The memory that sticks out the most to me was actually something that occurred in the early planning stages: In the process of designing the floor plan, we hit a snag that could have been easily solved by expanding the footprint slightly. Instead of, in his words ‘setting the precedent that we are just going to throw money at every problem’ (as every additional square foot meant more construction/designing/finishing costs), he worked with us to find an alternative layout that gave us everything we wanted without increasing our square footage. That experience reinforced that we were working with the best builder available, and I would recommended (and have recommended) Yorway Custom Home Builders to anyone who is considering buying a home.

by Dave & Sara Clough on YorWay Custom Home Builders

Finding a builder we could trust was really important to us. YorWay Custom Home Builders provided us with top notch service and one on one attention. We love our new home!